K. Ratnesh is a Mumbai based Music Director known for creating soulful melodious tunes. He has scored variety of music for many films, television serials and some Tv’s but his first love seems to be Bhojpuri cinema as he has lived his maximum time in recording studios in Mumbai and Bihar for Bhojpuri music and many of his numbers turned chart busters. He is down in the line for more than a decade, in this period he has created some really touchy and soulfulmelodies…

9. bestofbollywoodful3 1. rashriya sahara 23 may 2. mayapuri2070 2. mayapuri-2070 3. Makrana Mag May-2014 4. indiaajtaklive2 4. indiaajtaklive3 5. leheren2 5. leheren3 5. leheren4 6. instantpublish 7. bestofbollywood1 8. bollywoodcamera1 8. bollywoodcamera2 8. bollywoodcamera3 9. bestofbollywoodful1 9. bestofbollywoodful2



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